Friday 25 September, 2020

Workplace burnout: How to avoid a mental health crisis

For many adults, the workplace can be a huge stress trigger and a factor in the development of mental health issues including depression and anxiety.

Self-care is essential to ensuring that challenges in the work environment are managed effectively, so employees can meet the obligations of their job and maintain a level of sanity.

Here are some tips yo help achieve this:

Talk to someone: Reach out to a trusted friend or a professional to talk about the problems you may be experiencing.

Develop a consistent exercise routine: Working up a sweat is a great way to manage stress.

Focus on healthy eating: Prepare nutritious meals, snacks and plenty of water to take to work. Take lunch away from your desk, in a quiet place, if possible.

Limit alcohol consumption: Some people may drink to escape painful or stressful situations but excessive alcohol consumption is unhealthy and is not a permanent solution. Limit weekend drinking.

Ask your employer for help: Being honest and open is the most effective way to manage workplace stress. Let your employer know when you are feeling overwhelmed. Ask for deadline extensions or flexi-work hours when practical.

Take a break: Take a five-minute pause from your work activities. Take a walk and get a change of scenery.

Do activities that make you happy: On your days off, engage in fun and relaxing activities. Focus on your hobbies and take your mind out of the office.

Employers too can play a role in supporting staff when managing stressful environments.

Schedule time for one-on-one employee talks: When time permits, talk to employees about life outside of work.

Make reasonable adjustments for employees with mental health issues: If an employee presents with a mental illness, work together in making a schedule that allows the employee to meet their obligations without burdening them.

Be reasonable with work requests: Use discretion when assigning employees tasks. Offer help when employees are falling behind.

Schedule time for after-work activities: Plan activities where employees can relax and unwind.

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