Sunday 29 November, 2020

Yardie in Cayman's top 6 coronavirus memes

In March this year, I wrote an article showcasing new words that have been spawned by the novel coronavirus. We explored words such as 'COVIDiot', 'quarantini' and 'quarantine n Chill'. It took almost 5 months to coin the latest term because that’s how long it took to accept the fact that human beings will eventually find ways to make something as serious as a pandemic completely hilarious. 

The brand new entry in the coronavirus lexicon is 'COVID-humour'. Literally defined as the quality of being comical or amusing in referring to how coronavirus has affected our daily lives. It is important to emphasize that there is nothing inherently funny about a pandemic that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide but that hasn’t stopped the world from seeing the lighter side of things.

While I'm grateful to have not seen any memes making light of the life and death aspects of coronavirus, there are many that poke fun at the surreal nature of the pandemic, the toilet paper shortages, quarantine life and what a disaster 2020 has been. 

I'm not sure if it is telling of the circles that I run in, but have been averaging about ten COVID-memes in my Whatsapp every day.

Here are my 6 favourites, depicting COVID-humour at its best...

I immediately imagine the look on EVERY Caribbean person’s face knowing that WE still have hurricane season to look forward to. 

There was the gold rush of 1848 and the “roll” rush of 2020. In the height of toilet paper shortages, I swear the value of toilet paper and cleaning wipes soared through the roof. 

Everyone including Netflix knew you had nothing to do except sit there and watch TV for the better part of 4 months. 

This one really got me. There is no better way to get to know someone than to endure a good old fashioned quarantine. Congratulations to those who survived. 

I love crossword puzzles! Except when they play on my fear and anxiety and infinitely tell me I’m stuck. 

In today’s litigious society this meme is even more hilarious because I can hear the catchy commercial actually playing in my head! Law firms will be jumping all over this with the corny toll-free number “1-800-CORONAV.”

My grandmother used to say, “yuh tek bad some ting mek laugh.” This means people can find the funny even in the worst situations. Coronavirus has given us plenty to think about and reflect on and thanks to 'COVID-humour', also the ability to see the lighter side if there is one.

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