Saturday 30 May, 2020

Yoga Minute: 5 yoga videos for kids

Studies have shown that yoga can be helpful for all ages, especially children.

According to a Harvard report, a US survey done in 2016 showed that yoga could help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) remain calmer and more focused. 

Here are five videos of children's yoga to get your kids started with simple yoga exercises:

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga

This playful YouTube children's yoga series is free and engages children while showing them different yoga poses: 

Check it out here:


2. Yoga for the Clasroom with Adrienne

For teachers looking to calm down restless children, here's a demonstration with Adrienne Mishler:

See the video here:


3. 4-minute yoga with Lesley Fightmaster

In this video yoga teacher Lesley Fightmaster does a short four-minute demo with her two sons:

Check it out here:


4. Simple yoga poses for children

This short video shows children basic yoga poses and how to get them to slow down a bit:

See the video here:


5. ABCs of Yoga for Kids 5 minute routine

Tying in the alphabet with yoga, this fun short 10-minute video shows how children can do yoga as well. 

See the video here:

Do you do yoga with your children?

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