Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Young: CAL to be considered for sending students, nationals back to US

Minister of National Security, Stuart Young, announced that the government is considering using Caribbean Airlines (CAL) to facilitate flights from Trinidad and Tobago to the United States in order for students studying there to return to school. 

At today’s virtual media briefing, Young acknowledged that this demographic would soon need to return to register for school. 

“We are aware that we have a lot of nationals who now need to leave Trinidad and Tobago to go up to the United States; our students for example. So, we are looking at working with CAL to get some flights from Trinidad and Tobago to back up to the United States that would assist students who then have to move on to school,” Young said. 

The Minister, recalling that just last week the students were in jeopardy of losing their student visas due to a now rescinded policy put forward by the United States government, said he understood the urgency in their need to return. 

“Fortunately, we saw the US government back down from a position taken earlier that created a whole set of anxiety in our parents, understandably; where the US government said that if all your classes were online, you’d have to leave immediately. That situation now, thankfully, the US government has retracted from that so those students are not at risk,” he said. 

The flights will serve a second purpose; Young says as fast as the flights go to the US; they’ll ideally serve as repatriation flights for returnees to T&T once quarantine facilities are available.  

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