Saturday 24 October, 2020

Young: Intelligence-driven operations to combat crime

Several intelligence-based operations are expected to be launched soon to combat the recent upsurge in murders.

National Security Minister Stuart Young gave the assurance as he responded to questions related to murders recorded over the weekend from Opposition Senator Wade Mark during Tuesday's sitting of the Senate.

Restating Government's intention to bring legislation shortly to stem the proliferation of illegal firearms in the country, the Minister indicated that the legislation will be brought to Parliament soon, and will require a special majority to be passed.

"The Government is intending to bring in very short measure particular legislation to deal with the scourge of illegal firearms in Trinidad and Tobago.

We are putting the people on notice now that this legislation is specifically fixed to deal with those who want to carry illegal firearms to deal with the taking away of their rights to bail for being in possession of illegal firearms to carry up the fines and the sentences for those held with illegal firearms.

This legislation will require the support of a special majority so at that stage the country will see who is really prepared to take the fight to the criminals to deal with illegal firearms."

The proposed legislation was first announced at a Post Cabinet briefing a month ago.

In terms of interim measures, Young said he met with the various arms of National Security, including intelligence services, during an emergency meeting over the weekend. 

While the Minister revealed that a number of intelligence-driven operations are on the way to deal specifically with the recent uptick in murders, he was tight-lipped on what those were.

"I will not get into the specifics of what is intended to be done," he replied, in response to Mark's question.

Questioned further on the assurances that could be given to the population "who is now injected with fear" over the upsurge of criminal activities, Young said citizens could rest assured that this Government is a responsible one which has no intention of dismantling or cancelling the use of technology being used to fight crime.

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