Monday 26 October, 2020

Young People in Business: Neala Luna paints with coffee

Photo: Neala Luna

Photo: Neala Luna

One artist loves coffee so much she has begun painting with it, and so far, it's been a hit with coffee and art lovers alike.

Artist Neala Luna, who hails from San Fernando, has always been a creative person but only recently has delved into the use of coffee as her medium. 

"In terms of exploring coffee painting, it's something fairly recent, since November last year, it was an experiment I started and everybody loves it, I love it," she laughs.

The watercolour, sepia paintings evoke memories of warmth and nostalgia, focusing on (of course) coffee-related items, but also other themes, such as family, love, hope, and positivity.

She says her inspiration varies, however it's usually always something that caught her fascination.

"I tend to go for whatever makes me feel happy or nostalgic, I find it goes with the sepia tones of the painting."

"It tends to be what I'm fond of, whether it's inspired by vintage items, because I love all things antique and vintage, creative endeavours, like writing, and also films and television shows. Some of the designs are based on characters in shows or scenes from films and many of the pieces are based on my photographs," she said.

Many of the scenes also include local settings, such as a fishing scene on Trinidad's south coast, or a beach in Tobago.

Luna said that she loves to make people happy and the paintings are a way of creating lovely moments that people can share. 

For Valentine's Day, she also created a series of painting with quotes about love, which was a great hit.

She said she's also been asked to do collaborations with coffee shops as well as other projects, which she said are still in the works. 

Luna says art has always been a part of her life and she wouldn't have it any other way.

And best of all, she loves coffee, so it's definitely a labour of love.

For the month of March up until Mother's Day on May 13, Neala will be conducting a 'coffee tour' at various cafes and coffee shops throughout Trinidad. 

She will have pieces of her work on sale and said she is also open to commissions. 

For more information visit her Instagram page: or visit her on Facebook 


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