Thursday 29 October, 2020

Young: Registered Venezuelans who commit crime to be deported

Minister of National Security and Communications Stuart Young, is reassuring citizens that the plan to register Venezuelans who are in Trinidad and Tobago legally and illegally is not a get out of jail card for criminals.

“The registration card is not going to help anyone (who is involved in criminality). If a Venezuelan who registers in this country commits a crime that person will be arrested, charged, incarcerated and deported," he said via a release issued today. 

Young explained that Venezuelans who register will be searched against an Interpol watch list and other intelligence that will be provided by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and other areas of national security. He said should an applicant appear on the watch list, that person will be denied a reprieve, detained and deported.

“We are mindful that we don’t know who will be coming to Trinidad and Tobago and for this reason, we have taken the decision to work with the police as well as our international law enforcement partners to vet those who are seeking to live and work among us," he said.

The Minister reiterated that Venezuelans who are ex-convicts and would have committed serious crimes, will not be granted registration status in Trinidad and Tobago.

The registration process, Young said, is necessary because the Government is cognisant of the trying and difficult circumstances that face Venezuelans. He said in these circumstances failing to ascertain the number of Venezuelans who are here and in what numbers is not an option.

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