Friday 10 April, 2020

Young threatens legal action against Facebook critic

Minister of National Security, Stuart Young says he’ll be seeking legal recourse against a Facebook user who “habitually attacked his character on social media”. 

The user, whose alias on Facebook is ‘Johnny Walker’, posted “I just got kidnapped... need $167,000 😂 unmmm anybody have that laying around at home. 🙏🏼”  

The quip allegedly aims at Minister Young’s former partner’s daughter, who was kidnapped in 2018. A ransom of $167,000 was allegedly paid for her release. 

During a conversation in the comments regarding the demonetisation of the old $100 bill, ‘Walker’ went on to say, “Idk if them boat man go take that na. I hear Stuart Young daughter them done exchange, over the weekend”. 

Commenting under the post, Young confirmed the man’s real identity, former address, current address and other personal details. He also said, “I would like to arrange for the legal proceedings against you for libel, to be served on you, by the authorities.” 

Supporters of the ‘Johnny Walker’ profile came quickly to his defense, poking fun at the Minister who refrained from further engaging. 

Responding officially to the situation, Minister Young said, “Being subjected to numerous attacks which I generally ignore, I decided today, to seek legal redress against one individual who has habitually attacked my character on social media.” 

He went on to express disappointment that the opposition used the situation to bring race and abuse of office into the conversation. Young says he obtained the information ‘via his private means’. 

The Minister says he’ll continue to protect his reputation and pursue legal redress against anyone who defames him. 

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