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Friday 14 August, 2020

Young: US student visa holders shouldn’t worry yet

As the United States government announced that student visa holders could be in jeopardy of their ability to live in the US if universities implement a fully online programme, the local Ministry of National Security is warning such student not to be too quick to panic. 

During today’s virtual media conference, Minister of National Security Stuart Young says there are specific conditions to consider before worrying. 

“The student visas continue to be okay in the United States. It is only if a student is now in a situation where all of their courses; every single course, every single credit is being carried out online, then they’ll be asked to leave the United States,” he said. 

Young says it’s most advisable that students confer with their respective schools to see whether their programmes will be altered to accommodate them and to reach out to authorities in the US Embassy to determine their standing. 

As far as deportation is concerned, Minister Young assured that there are many levels of communication that would need to take place before any deportations, particularly of students, can occur. 

“If there is going to be that (deportation) happening with the United States and they are going to be deporting any Trinidad and Tobago nationals, they will be in contact with the government and allow us the opportunity to make the type of arrangements that need to be made,” he explained. 

Student visa holders are advised to keep in contact with their school’s authorities in order to know if anything regarding their programmes could impact their ability to live and work in the US. 

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