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Friday 14 August, 2020

Young: Watch out for people offering fake exemptions

National Security Minister, Stuart Young.

National Security Minister, Stuart Young.

Minister of National Security, Stuart Young has said that an investigation into people offering exemptions to return to Trinidad under false pretences has been launched. 

In today’s virtual media briefing, Young said he’s been made aware of the advertisements and is looking into the claims. 

“with respect to something that has taken place, I am going to be asking the authorities to investigate into whether persons were fooled or tricked into paying their money on the basis that on the payment of that money they would get approval to Trinidad and Tobago,” he said. 

The Minister says that private companies and planes are welcome to be part of the process, but due process must be observed at all times. 

“With respect to private charter flights, there is nothing that the government is doing to stymie anybody’s business or anybody’s entrepreneurial skills. The message simply is this: you cannot enter Trinidad and Tobago without approval from the Ministry of National Security,” he said. 

Young says the system must be followed at all points. Those seeking exemptions are expected to apply to the Ministry of National Security; they must include the bio-data page of their Trinidad and Tobago passport and their proposed flight details. He says there is no exception to this rule. 

“If there is any charter company out there that is telling persons they have an inside track or they have an ability to get persons who use their company into Trinidad and Tobago by getting them approval, I can say without fear of contradiction, that is completely false and misleading,” he said. 

All information regarding proper processes for exemptions to enter and leave Trinidad and Tobago is available on the Ministry of National Security’s social media pages. 

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