Thursday 27 February, 2020

Zoo: Five-foot caiman relocated to swamp

The Emperor Valley Zoo confirmed that the wandering caiman which was spotted at Williams Bay, Chaguaramas last week was relocated to safety at a local swamp. 

The creature measured a whopping five feet, five inches in length, and was spotted swimming in the shallow waters of Williams Bay last Thursday, much to the astonishment of beachgoers. 

In a statement, the Zoo said zookeepers, Arnold Jupiter and Joel Chapman safely retrieved the local reptile, which was examined and found to be in good health.

It is thought that the creature may have wandered down the nearby Cuesa River with the recent heavy rains. 

The caiman was then relocated to a swamp habitat.

The spectacled caiman is one of Trinidad and Tobago's native reptiles. Its diet includes fish, birds and snails.

Anyone spotting wildlife in distress is urged to call the Emperor Valley Zoo's Wildlife Rescue Hotline on 800-4ZOO.


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