Attorney General

Moonilal calls on AG to resign again

In a release, Dr Moonilal said the US authorities indicated publicly that it does not have faith in Mr. Al Rawi, and sent its own attorney.

Trump selects Sen. Jeff Sessions as US attorney general

The pick was disclosed Friday by a senior Trump official who wasn't authorized to speak publicly about it. The official wouldn't say whether Sessions had accepted the job, leaving open the possibility that the appointment wasn't final.

Sessions, the first senator to endorse Trump and a Republican known for his support of tough immigration enforcement policies, would likely bring to the department a consistently conservative voice.

Gov't goes after those who stole public funds

Speaking at Thursday's post-Cabinet meeting, Dr Rowley revealed that on Wednesday, the Attorney General filed the complaints against persons who have improperly removed monies for their own benefits through conspiracies.

No arrests, many questions 6 months after 8 killed in Ohio

"I just want to know why?" said Tajianna Mead, of Waverly, whose 44-year-old father, Kenneth Rhoden, was among the victims.

Al-Rawi defends family training as Moonilal calls for investigation over photos

Responding to an insinuation from Opposition member Roodal Moonilal that his children were the ones in a photo showing two teens with high profile weapons, Al-Rawi told the media that the training was a matter of security.

Speaking to the media, Al-Rawi said upon becoming AG in September 2015, a threat assessment was conducted and the security agencies instructed that it was imperative that the international protocols for training how people are exposed to threats  had to be delivered by the security forces to him and his family.

Opposition calls for removal of AG following court ruling

This after the High Court on Thursday morning ruled that the Police Orders enacted in January this year by the Government for the selection and appointment of a Police Commissioner are unconstitutional.

Opposition Leader and Senior Counsel Kamla Persad-Bissessar, speaking with the media after the delivery of the ruling, says it has prevented the establishment of a police state under the People’s National Movement (PNM) administration and at the beck and call of the political directorate.

She says the public can now rest easy because of the ruling. 

Lynch: I'll accept findings of lawyers in Clinton email case

She also acknowledged that an impromptu meeting this week with Bill Clinton that caused a political firestorm is not something she would do again.

Lynch addressed her part in the investigation at a conference in Colorado.

She said she understood that her private meeting with Clinton aboard her plane in Phoenix "cast a shadow" over the public perception of the neutrality of the investigation.

Her pledge seems aimed at tamping down criticism that the investigation is politically tainted.

Al Rawi defends decision to discontinue Malcolm Jones' case

The United National Congress (UNC) and some political analysts have expressed their displeasure at the closure of the case against Jones as they say see it as letting him off the hook as he has been appointed a member of the Govern­ment Standing Committee on Energy.

Al-Rawi, in a detailed release last evening, said that the $1.2 billion case against Jones had been discontinued after new documents containing comments from Queen’s Counsel Vincent Nelson were obtained.

VIDEO: MP tells AG: 'Hush your stink mouth'

Al-Rawi was speaking in the Parliament on Monday regarding the spending practices of the Ministry of the Attorney General under the People's Partnership government, in which spending accrued to over $900 million, when another Member of Parliament muttered "Hush your stink mouth".

Prime Minister Dr Rowley spoke out, protesting the comment to the House Speaker whilst other Members of Parliament spoke out with fervour against the comment.

House Speaker Dr Bridgid Annisette-George rose and sternly reminded Members to obey the rules of the House.

New AG mum on Warner extradition matter

Al-Rawi spoke with members of the following the ceremonial opening of the 2015-2016 Law Term.

He said that matter is a sensitive and time constrained one and noted that due process must be followed.

"The AG's office has to be marked with some degree of discipline. I'm in the course of dealing with a number of matters, one of which is the extradition matter of course. But I will be speaking within my Constitutional remit, I don't propose to litigate the matter in public. So I think we must have a little bit of measure in that particular matter," he said.