Less money for Chutney Soca winner as Gov't cuts allcoation

A release from the Southex Promotion,  owner of CSM, said the decreased prize money is as a result of the reduction in allocation from the Government.

Ravi B, Omardath Maharaj lead the pack into Chutney Soca final

His nine contenders were revealed on Monday following the semi-finals at LIV nightclub in San Fernando where 33 singers vied for a spot in the finals. 

Among them are former Chutney Soca Monarchs Rikki D Jaimaster, Ravi B and Rooplal Gidharrie.

Ravi B topped the semi-final round of the 2017 Pick 2 Chutney Soca Monarch with his mega cross-over hit ‘Budget’.

He was followed closely by the other 2017 runaway crossover hit – ‘Ramsingh Sharma’ by Omardath Maharaj, with just two points separating the two top artistes.

Chutney singer slammed for music video at ashram

The musician was seen walking in and around the temple while singing his song, kneeling at a shrine and making an offering of money. 

He sang: "Girl, wine yuh waist, do yuh ting', which some have said is offensive to utter within the temple. 

The President of the Centre, Ramesh Persad-Maharaj asked for the video to be removed, saying he behaved indecently. 

Minister of Culture pays tribute to Anand Yankarran

“As I extend my condolences to his family, fellow artistes and all persons who enjoyed his music, I want to honour his contribution to our cultural landscape. Mr Yankarran’s music reflects the depths of our local culture.

Funeral for Anand Yankarran on Thursday

Yankarran died on January 2, 2017 from a heart attack.

The funeral will be held on Thursday January 5, 2017 on Anand Yankarran Drive Extension, Exchange Housing Development, Couva.

The ceremony will take place at 9:30 am, then the procession will move to the Waterloo Cremation Site at 12:00 pm, according to Hindu rites.

Tributes pour in for Chutney icon Anand Yankarran

In a statement, Princes Town MP, Barry Padarath paid tribute to the cultural icon on behalf of the Opposition United National Congress.

Padarath said Anand Yankarran paved the way for many artistes in Trinidad and Tobago, especially in the chutney and classical singing arena.

He said Yankarran came from a cultural dynasty in our nation with his father, brothers and sister also being very popular artistes and his passing is a tremendous loss to the artform.

Legendary Chutney singer Anand Yankarran dies

Loop understands that Yankarran died on Monday morning from a suspected heart attack.

He had been ailing for some time following a stroke in 2008 in New York where he had migrated.

Speaking to Loop about his passing, George Singh, founder of the Chutney Soca Monarch said Yankarran last performed in 2014 in the competition.

Loop gets up close at Chutney Soca Monarch

Last Saturday saw a tough battle between ten finalists claim Chutney Monarch. The competition saw a number of dynamic performances and surprises including Nishard M. who was only nine points from earning the title. 

Loop caught up with a few artistes backstage folllowing their performances. 

Former monarchs to square off in Chutney Soca finals

The three monarchs were listed among the finalists when the results from the sem-final round were revealed today.

Ravi B and Rikki Jai won the Chutney Soca Monarch title jointly last year but this year are competing individually.

Ten finalists will compete in the Chutney Soca Monarch competiition while 10 will compete in the traditional category.

Last year, Ravi B and Rikki Jai also won the Traditional category which was introduced for the first time.

Neither one of them will be competing in that category at the finals this year.

Home of Chutney singer shot 13 times

Charles, who lives in Princes Town, said he was asleep at the time. 

He did not sustain any injuries.

"I reach home around 10 pm and about 11.30 I wake up to what sounded like firecrackers and when I walk upstairs I smell smoke and I see the window looking like a strainer with holes all over. That is when I realised what happened," he told Looptt.

Charles said he called the police who came and investigated the scene.