Cipriani Boulevard

Hamachi Sushi is the newest kid on the block

Hamachi Sushi has only been in operation for five months but already they are catching the attention and taste buds of young urban corporates looking for trendy meals and an easy ‘limer’ atmosphere. At the helm of the initiative is Kriston Lezama, owner and sushi chef who for lack of a better term, fell into the career.

“I was looking for a job after school and a friend who was at More Vino told me they were looking for chefs. I started working there training under him.”

UPDATE: One held in 51 Degrees manhunt

Reports say management of the establishment noticed the suspect on CCTV cameras inside the building around 5am and the alarm also tripped.

The police were notified immediately.

Upon arrival, officers cordoned off the area and ventured into the building to search for the man, who was believed to be armed.

They say he eluded capture by climbing into the ventilation ducts of the nightclub.

Traffic along Cipriani Boulevard was confined to one lane and vehicular access restricted along lower Woodford Street for about an hour.