Hamachi Sushi is the newest kid on the block

Hamachi Sushi has only been in operation for five months but already they are catching the attention and taste buds of young urban corporates looking for trendy meals and an easy ‘limer’ atmosphere. At the helm of the initiative is Kriston Lezama, owner and sushi chef who for lack of a better term, fell into the career.

“I was looking for a job after school and a friend who was at More Vino told me they were looking for chefs. I started working there training under him.”

D'Junction app officially launches as one stop hub for events

D’ Junction made its debut during Carnival 2016, as a one-of-a-kind “app” which allowed users to track various bands on the road real-time, across the country, using their mobile devices.

Designed to be a year-round hub for entertainment and activities, D’ Junction unveiled its new layout and features on Tuesday.

Young People in Business – Anthony Harrysingh

The 33-year-old young entrepreneur and doctor just launched the wildly successful new sushi bar Roll on Tuesday with fellow shareholders Ronald Moses, Angelo Aziz and Marcus Williams, on the very popular Ariapita Avenue stretch, above Tzar nightclub on the corner of Carlos Street.

Meanwhile, as if that was not enough, Harrysingh also teamed up with others for a local all-night diner called Those Guys, also on Ariapita Avenue, on the corner of Fitt Street.