Five left homeless after Rio Claro fire

Five persons including a pregnant woman and two children, are homeless following a fire Tuesday morning in Rio Claro. The fire affected a two-storey structure along Oilfield Road, Rio Claro. ...

September 04, 2019
T&T News

Bodies found in Prince Town, Rio Claro

Police are investigating the discoveries of two bodies in South Trinidad on Sunday. In the first incident, officers were alerted to the discovery of the body of a 61-year-old man in the bedroom of ...

July 22, 2019

One dead after ambush in Rio Claro

A 45-year-old man was shot dead in Rio Claro on Sunday night. The deceased has been identified as Robert Donald, of Pascall Trace, Rio Claro. According to police reports, around 7:45 pm on ...

June 24, 2019

South Trinidad hit by water crisis

Water shortages in the Princes Town and Rio Claro/Mayaro areas have reached crisis levels. In Tableland, the situation is so dire, residents have been left without a pipe-borne water supply for ove...

April 26, 2019
T&T News

Taxi driver beaten during dispute in Rio Claro

A dispute over a vehicle has led to a 46-year-old man being attacked in Rio Claro. The victim has been identified as Deryck Ramdial, a taxi driver from Rio Claro. According to police reports, at...

April 04, 2019

Speaker boxes stolen from Rio Claro church

Rio Claro Police are investigating a report of sacrilege at the Grace Evangelistic Outreach Ministry Church. According to police reports, the church, which is located along Clear Water Road, Rio Cl...

February 08, 2019