Cops ticket 30 for speeding on highway

Citizens are once again being reminded to adhere to the traffic laws and regulations which govern the nation’s roadways. This reminder comes after 30 persons were ticketed durin...

May 20, 2020

Police ticket 33 for speeding

Police are once again reminding citizens to adhere to the speed limits of this country.  This comes after 33 persons were issued fixed penalty tickets for speeding yesterday during road traffi...

May 13, 2020

Police ticket 36 for speeding, three for DUI

Thirty-six drivers were ticketed yesterday for exceeding the speed limits of this country’s roadways. Among them, was a driver who was clocked in at driving at 148km/h along the Churchill Roosevelt...

May 09, 2020

29 ticketed on North Coast Road

Motorists are once again being reminded to adhere to road traffic laws and regulations, including obeying the speed limit. The latest reminder comes after 29 people were ticketed on Wednesday after...

February 27, 2020