NCRHA refutes drug shortage claims

The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) is confirming that it has enough pharmaceuticals to support more than 4 to 6 months of operations at the Arima Health Facility. The NCRHA issued ...

September 09, 2019
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5 things to know about stinging nettle

Many will know this plant, aptly named stinging nettle (Urtica dioica), which gives an unpleasant stinging sensation when touched. This is due to fine hair-like structures on the leaves which give ...

July 30, 2019

Man ruptures throat by suppressing sneeze

Tempted to stifle a loud or untimely sneeze? Let it out instead, doctors in England warned Monday based on the very unusual case of a man who ruptured the back of his throat when he tried to suppress ...

January 16, 2018

CDAP drugs may be substandard

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh admitted that some drugs being distributed through the Chronic Disease Assistance Plan (CDAP) may be substandard.  Deyalsingh was speaking in Parliament on ...

May 12, 2017
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