Massy Stores is out of $50 ham

Sorry guys, Massy Stores said their Christmas special on $50 picnic hams is no more. The store Tweeted to a customer on Thursday that the $50 hams were all sold out. “Unfortunately, we have sold...

December 06, 2018
T&T News

Digicel gives the gift of more at Trincity mall

Digicel customers were in for a treat last weekend as the brand made good on their Christmas promise of the Gift of More. The Digicel store at Trincity Mall was a hub of fun and festive excitement ...

December 05, 2018

Top 10 ways to paint like a pro

Christmas is coming and that means - painting, painting, painting.  But before you bust out the brushes, take a quick read to see how you can maximise on your efforts this Christmas and ensure...

November 30, 2018

9 top tips for painting this Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us, so it's time to get cleaning, scrubbing and painting every surface in your house. Before you break out the paintbrush though, check out the list below and see i...

November 23, 2018

Sorry guys, beard lights are sold out

Hey guys, if you were eager to get in on the trend of lighting up your beard for Christmas, it may be too late.  The company selling the trending festive beard lights says they are sold out! ...

November 22, 2018