Cops find gun near riverbank

Following reports of increased shootings and robberies in the area, officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force have “amped up” their efforts in the Malick and La Canoa communities. This incr...

October 07, 2018

Man shot dead while asleep, wife unharmed

A man was shot and killed while asleep at his home in Santa Cruz on Friday. The victim has been identified as 36-year-old Atiba Mitchell. According to reports, Mitchell was asleep at his La Cano...

July 14, 2018

Firearms seized in different incidents

A 51-year-old man is currently in police custody after he was held with a homemade shotgun while sitting at the side of the roadway. Looptt was told that around 4:15 pm on Friday, officers of the B...

June 16, 2018

Man held in Santa Cruz with stolen items

A 48-year-old Santa Cruz man linked to several reports of larceny in the Sangre Grande district, was arrested by officers of the Sangre Grande CID, yesterday.    Following reports from two...

July 01, 2017