Watch: No weed monopolies, says Rambharat

Minister of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, Clarence Rambharat, said there should be no monopolisation of the commercial cannabis industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Speaking on Thursday (July 30) at...

July 31, 2020

$4,000 fine for 10 marijuana plants

Police are once again reminding citizens that they are only legally allowed to carry up to 30 grammes of marijuana in their possession and cultivate up to four marij...

April 15, 2020

Three held with lit blunt in Trincity

Despite the State’s appeal to citizens to stay at home, three men were arrested on Friday night for smoking marijuana in a public place. The three men were in a parked vehicle in the Millenniu...

April 04, 2020

Three arrested for smoking weed in mall car park

Police are once again reminding citizens that while marijuana may be decriminalised for personal consumption (30 grammes and less) at home, under the current amendments it remains illegal to smoke the...

December 25, 2019

5 dishes you can make with weed

On Monday, history was made in Trinidad and Tobago with the decriminalisation of marijuana for personal use. Although legislation for the cultivation, sale and distribution of marijuana is still in...

December 24, 2019