CriTTers: Tales of the Terrapin

Everyone knows turtles to be slow, right? Wrong. Terrapins are local to Trinidad and are actually quite fast. They live in forested areas, however they're at risk due to habitat loss and the illega...

March 30, 2019

CriTTers: Hunter in the sky, the White Hawk

Listen carefully in the forest and you may hear a high-pitched 'screeee', the sound of a white hawk as it patiently watches for its prey. A member of the raptor family, these powerful, far-seeing b...

March 16, 2019

CriTTers of T&T: All about Agoutis

During hunting season, Agoutis are often the 'wild meat' of choice for hunters. Known in Trinidad and Tobago as Dasyprocta leporina, agoutis are native to Trinidad and Tobago but are also...

February 10, 2019