Know Yuh Team: Ultimate Rejects

Your day ones. Your famalaylaylaylaylay. Your fren and dem.  We all have different ways of describing the people on our teams, whether they be lovers, close friends, the fete crew, busine...

March 11, 2019

My Release: Swappi is back! Doi Doi

Martin Davis aka Swappi, is back. The singer, who gave us his songs such as 'Bucket' and 'Bubble on a DJ' was on the verge of giving up on music when he scored with his 2019 release 'Party Start'. ...

January 25, 2019

CDM to be in spotlight at CDM Conference

Ultimate Rejects’ song “Full Extreme” was the top song of 2017, winning the Road March in a landslide count. The song debuted at the Sunset Festival in December 2016 and for Johan Seaton, one quart...

December 01, 2017