Three held for smoking weed in public

Police are once again reminding citizens that while marijuana may be decriminalised for personal consumption (30 grammes and less) at home, under the current amendments it remains ...

May 15, 2020

Nazma: Weed law nothing to celebrate yet

The amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act have officially taken effect.  This means people are free to smoke cannabis in private spaces and can possess up to 30 grammes of ...

December 23, 2019

101 people can have weed records expunged

Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi, says 101 people could benefit from the proclamation of the Amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act.  This includes 14 children.  Al Rawi says there is a ...

December 20, 2019

Afro-Trinis more likely to be held for weed

Afro-Trinidadians are most likely to be arrested for possession of marijuana when compared to other ethnic groups. Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi, revealed statistics in the Senate during h...

December 13, 2019