Over 1,000 rounds of ammo seized in Maraval

  A mammoth haul of over 1,000 rounds of ammunition has alarmed senior officers in the police service. Police said the rounds, which consists mainly of 7.62mm ammunition, is usually us...

October 31, 2019

Maraval restaurant robbed by gunmen

Police are investigating a report in which a restaurant franchise was robbed of two money bags at the Shoppes of Maraval compound. The incident took place at the Saddle Road, Maraval compound aroun...

October 01, 2019

Assault rifle seized in Paramin camp

An AR-15 assault rifle and a shotgun were seized on Wednesday evening in Paramin. According to police reports, officers of the Western Division Task Force received intelligence which led them to a ...

August 30, 2019

Police recover stolen car scrapped in Maraval

Police are trying to unearth scrap-down operations in the Western Division after a vehicle which was reported stolen in Diego Martin was recovered on Emancipation Day in Maraval. The victim, a 56-y...

August 03, 2019