Saturday 5 December, 2020

Jamaican travel care provider expanding services to Eastern Caribbean

Travelers Care owner and CEO Shelly-Ann Cawley (centre) with customers Anna Fennell and Anthony Beckley.

Travelers Care owner and CEO Shelly-Ann Cawley (centre) with customers Anna Fennell and Anthony Beckley.

For much of 2020, Shelly-Ann Cawley has lived out of the proverbial suitcase. She is CEO of Los Angeles-based Travelers Care which transports at-risk flight passengers across North America and her native Jamaica.

Based on favourable response in Jamaica, Cawley is looking to expand her venture to the Eastern Caribbean and Guyana. Like Jamaica, the region is a hub for seniors and minors traveling to and from North America. Many of them need supervision which is where Travelers Care comes in.

"The Caribbean region is a viable commercial option because there are Caribbean people everywhere. There’s no island or country I’ve visited and didn’t find someone from the Caribbean," she said. "We provide a professional travel companion to accompany and care for minors, persons with disabilities, special needs, senior citizens, anxiety sufferers, puppies and anyone who prefers to not fly alone, alleviating the potential nightmares and mitigates the risk associated with travel from drop-off to pick-up. Keeping them safe and giving their loved ones peace of mind."

Cawley is a leisure industry veteran who has worked with major brands such as Sandals, Air Jamaica, Delta and JetBlue. Over 20 years of experience prompted her to start Travelers Care in January, 2019. Initial clients were seniors and minors traveling from California to other states, but increased business has seen her enterprise operating in South Florida, Texas, New York and Chicago where her company has agents.

Andre Rumble handing over his daughter, three-year-old Caison Hibbert, to Travelers Care owner Shelly-Ann Cawley at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

There has also been a jump in traffic from Jamaica to Florida and New York. That enthusiastic response encouraged Cawley to spread her wings to territories in the Caribbean where travel has not been affected by COVID-19.

"Jamaica certainly boosted the move to offer services quicker to the other Caribbean islands than anticipated,  based on the positive response for service. The Jamaican market is growing and we want to ensure the other islands benefit as well; we want to ensure our Caribbean people are treated with dignity and are safe when they use air travel," she said.

During the summer, Cawley diversified the Traveler's Care service by catering to the canine industry. Her team has transported puppies from Oklahoma City to Seattle, Houston to Montreal, New Orleans to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Atlanta to Florida.

But for Shelly-Ann Cawley, reaching out to the Caribbean market transcends commerce.

"As a Caribbean woman, who has travelled extensively to other Caribbean islands and have assisted with many Caribbean flights working in the airline industry for over 20 years, there is an essential need for this kind of service," she explained. "Travelers Care started because of a gentleman traveling home to the Caribbean who needed assistance. I am not looking at specific territories, the entire Caribbean can and should be able to benefit from such essential service."

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