Saturday 5 December, 2020

Man arrested after stealing car with imitation firearm

A male suspect was arrested, a vehicle recovered and a fake gun seized after a dragnet was mounted by patrol units in the Western Division.

Cops initiated the operation in response to a report of a robbery on Monday.

Around 5 pm on Monday, the victim said he was driving his Toyota Corolla along the Diego Martin Main Road when he was stopped by the suspect.

The victim allegedly offered the man a ride after he asked to be taken to Rich Plain Road, Diego Martin.

However, on reaching Covigne Road Corner the driver heard a noise and the suspect announced a hold-up. The victim said he then glanced to his left and spotted a black object that looked like a firearm.

He was subsequently robbed of a quantity of cash and a cellular phone. The informant also claimed the suspect told him to drive to Gokool Street, Diego Martin, where he was relieved of his vehicle valued at $60,000. The accused then drove off with the car.

A broadcast was transmitted by the Command Centre and with the assistance of the Western Division Operation Centre, PC Kirby and PC Pierre of the West End Patrol responded to the report.

They proceeded to School Drive, Diego Martin where they arrested the suspect, recovered the vehicle and an imitation firearm.

Investigations are continuing.

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