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PriceSmart customers may soon see less of the products they’re accustomed to on the shelves. In a release, management advised customers its regular sourcing and merchandising of imported goods may be affected as foreign currency becomes less available. It, however, assured its members that it will continue to provide the highest quality merchandise and services at the lowest possible costs. In the meantime, PriceSmart said it’s working out solutions to sustain or substitute its imported merchandise offering. “We understand the value that our selection of items delivers, and we are working diligently to restore any changes to our members’ regular shopping cart.” PriceSmart is the largest operator of membership warehouse clubs in Central America and the Caribbean. PriceSmart offers groceries and fresh items, brand name merchandise including electronics, computers, home appliances, office equipment, hardware, sporting goods, apparel and more.

Diageo, the parent company of Johnnie Walker in Central America and the Caribbean, has prepared a series of initiatives to celebrate the brandwhich was inspired by a story that began 200 years ago. History has it that a young John Walker used the money from the sale of his family's farm in Scotland, to open a grocery store. There, he began mixing single malt whiskies. Now, with more than 19 million cases sold annually and a product enjoyed in more than 180 countries, a range of award-winning whiskeys exist includingJohnnie Walker Red Label, Black Label, Double Black, Green Label, Gold Label Reserve, Aged 18 Years and Blue Label. Jorge Araujo, Marketing Director of Diageo, Caribbean and Central America said: "Today we celebrate 200 years since John Walker first opened the doors of a grocery store in Scotland and began a journey that took the brand from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world.” To celebrate, the anniversaryeventwill includethe launch of a limited edition 200 year anniversary bottlewith a bold and elegant cut specially designed for the occasion, the launch of a documentary, the announcement of the brand’s sustainability commitment and a private digital event exclusively for the region with one of the best players in NBA’s history and World-renowned speaker, Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson. Araujo added: “In every country in our region, there are thousands of people who have enjoyed Johnnie Walker whiskies and that are inspired by our mantra to be better, getting up, never standing still and to take forward their entrepreneurial spirit, something that today has more relevance than ever.” Worldwide, the image of Johnnie Walker’s Striding Man is a cultural icon that has made an impact in many aspects of life and culture, as featured in the documentary "The Man Who Walked Around the World" directed by BAFTA winner Anthony Wonke. The filmencompassed the research of archival material from many years and numerous testimonials. With the slogan "Keep Walking", Johnnie Walker has permeated the world as an expression of entrepreneurship, boldness and optimism that motivates and aims to continue to do so. Furthermore, the company hopes to create sustainability actions that encourage thesafeguarding of the world'snatural resources and the protection ofthe planet amid theclimate change crisis. "With a 200-year history of pushing industry boundaries to drive change, applying this same passion and vibrancy to the sustainability commitment, pledging to have all production of its world-famous Scotch carbon neutral and distilleries powered by 100% green energy by 2030, plant more than a million trees in the four corners of Scotland and also launch its paper bottle, Johnnie Walker is driven by the three core principles of reduce, restore and reinvent." Ultimately, the brand is making changes to reduce its carbon footprint and the environmental impact of its packaging, including making sure that all of the plastic in this year’s Red Label, Black Label and Double Black Label giftpacks were made from 100% recycled plastic. By 2030, all Johnnie Walker packaging will be recyclablewith any plastic being 100% recycled and every bottle utilising 30% less water. Araujo emphasised: “We not only want Johnnie Walker to be the World's No1 whiskey but the Whiskey that is the best and seeks the best for this world. We have clear objectives and actions and each of our steps will speak for us.” As the celebration continues #JW200 will be utilised across digital platforms.

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The former fiancée of comedian Majah Hype has made numerous allegations against him on social media. The allegations were levelled against the popular Caribbean impersonator and comedian when the woman, Latisha Kirby, took to Instagram on Wednesday. She followed up with another video on Thursday after a video of her having sex with another man surfaced online. In the first video posted on Wednesday, Kirby, without identifying her abuser, spoke about her ordeal. “Imagine letting people know in your circle what’s going on with you and their first question is well what did you do as if there is anything I could have done to deserve that, that’s disgusting to me, that’s disgusting cause it didn’t happen to me once, twice, three times, four times, it happened to me too many times,” she added. She apologised to her family for disconnecting herself from them and pretending she was okay. In the second video, following the leak of a sex tape that she said was 10 years old, Kirby spoke directly to the comedian in relation to the release of the video. She also made allegations about the comedian’s reported health scare recently. “Every time you try to hurt me I will tell the truth,” she said. “I am not playing a game,” said the mother of one, “this is my life and you are trying to ruin me.” At the time of writing, Majah Hype had not publicly addressed the allegations.Instead he posted Bible verses about truth to his IG stories. Loop News has tried unsuccessfully to reach the comedian.

Magnum Tonic Wine, in its ongoing promotion 'Tek Charge of the Season' trade campaign, which is taking place in select Caribbean markets, will be hosting a virtual event on Sunday, December 6, on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Jamaican musical selectors; Brush 1 Chromatic, DJ Franco and Boom Boom, are set to represent the brand on the day, alongside Barbados’ Chasey the Entertainer and Tech Sounds from Trinidad & Tobago. Magnum’s Caribbean House Party, is an interesting and entertaining twist to the ongoing “IG Live” event trend, as it aims to bring together a cohesive dancehall entertainment package from Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago in a single event. “Under normal circumstances, by now in the year, we would have already completed our Magnum Xplosion live concert series across the region. The Magnum Tonic Wine Caribbean House Party assists in occupying the current entertainment void across the region. It also serves as an opportunity to let the relevant markets know that our consumers have a chance to win cash and instant prizes this holiday season from the brand,” shared Kamal Powell, Magnum Tonic Wine’s Marketing Manager for the Region. Set to go live at 5:30 pm EST, the integrated live session will also see entertaining participation from influencers, dancers and live viewers in 30-minute segments between participating entertainers and their respective countries. “Magnum Tonic Wine is a dynamic brand that is different in every way, so for this virtual event, we prepared a package reflective of our magnetic essence. The entertainment industry in the region has been particularly hard hit, with dancehall especially, losing its home in a sense, as fans cannot party outside. Through our Caribbean House Party, we are reopening that space in a virtual manner, as Magnum Tonic Wine is the brand for Dancehall in the region,” continued Powell. Viewers may join the event live on Magnum Tonic Wine’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as MagnumHub.Tv is the region's hub for dancehall exclusives, performances, industry news and entertainment.

Laboratory studies show that toothpastes containing zinc or stannous and mouthwash formulas with cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) neutralize the virus that causes COVID-19 by 99.9 per cent, according to Colgate-Palmolive Company. The studies are part of a Colgate research programme that includes clinical studies among infected people to assess the efficacy of oral care products in reducing the amount of the virus in the mouth, potentially slowing the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. In the laboratory studies -- the first to include toothpaste -- Colgate Total and Meridol toothpastes neutralized 99.9 per centof the virus after two minutes of contact. Colgate Plax and Colgate Total mouthwashes were similarly effective after 30 seconds. The studies, completed in October, were conducted in partnership with Rutgers New Jersey Medical School’s (NJMS) Public Health Research Institute and Regional Biosafety Laboratories. The results suggest that some toothpastes and mouthwashes may help reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, by temporarily reducing the amount of virus in the mouth. The virus spreads through respiratory droplets or small particles produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings, talks, or breathes, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We’re at the early stages of our clinical investigations, but our preliminary laboratory and clinical results are very promising,” said DrMaria Ryan, Colgate’s Chief Clinical Officer. “While brushing and rinsing are not a treatment or a way to fully protect an individual from infection, they may help to reduce transmission and slow the spread of the virus, supplementing the benefit we get from wearing masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing.” Said DrDavid Alland, Chief of Infectious Diseases and Director of the Center for COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness, who led the Rutgers NJMS study along with colleagues Drs. Pradeep Kumar and Riccardo Russo: “Given that saliva can contain amounts of virus that are comparable to that found in the nose and throat, it seems likely that SARS-CoV-2 virus originating in the mouth contributes to disease transmission, especially in persons with asymptomatic COVID-19, who are not coughing. This suggests that reducing virus in the mouth could help prevent transmission during the time that oral care products are active.” ]Concurrent to the laboratory study, Colgate sponsored a clinical study involving some 50 hospitalized subjects with COVID-19. This study demonstrated the ability of Colgate Total (with CPC and zinc), Colgate Peroxyl, and Colgate PerioGard mouthwashes to substantially reduce the amount of the virus in the mouth temporarily. The researchers plan to share their findings in December. Additional Colgate-supported clinical research studies on toothpaste and mouthwashes are in early stages at Rutgers, the Albert Einstein Institute in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Adams School of Dentistry, with some 260 people with COVID-19 participating in these studies. “Colgate is collaborating with numerous investigators throughout the globe to conduct clinical research to explore the potential of oral care products to reduce oral viral loads as a risk reduction strategy,” DrRyan said. “We think oral care has a role to play in fighting the global pandemic, alongside other preventive measures.” Said DrMark Wolff, Morton Amsterdam Dean of Penn Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania: “With this pandemic, the more we understand about the virus, the more effective we can be in fighting it, so I am excited to see the impressive research program Colgate has undertaken. We need to continue to take the precautions recommended by health authorities, and with these studies we may demonstrate an additional way to address the transmission of disease among people in close contact, particularly in dental practice. That would be an important advance.” Colgate said it is committed to leading in science and to ensuring that its products address health challenges and meet consumers’ needs.

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In the midst of the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Always® has completed the donation of 135,000 pads in Trinidad and Tobago. These were donated to secondary schools and to non-profit organisation Kids In Need of Direction (KIND) for COVID relief efforts with its #EndPeriodPoverty campaign. The campaign began in March 2020 to help increase access to feminine hygiene products for girls in challenging economic circumstances so they can stay confident and stay in school. The distribution was halted due to the COVID-19 restrictions as schools were closed in order to manage the spread of the virus. The distribution resumed recently, and for the second consecutive year, Always® partnered with KIND to distribute period products in an even more meaningful way, namely, the donation of an increased total of 115,000 pads to five secondary schools (four in Trinidad and one in Tobago). The efforts ensure that each female student receives Always® feminine products to last an entire school year. The schools were identified by the Ministry of Education: Rio Claro East Secondary, Cunupia Secondary, Toco Secondary, Success Laventille Secondary and Roxborough Secondary School. Always® once again partnered with KIND to help deliver a total of 20,000 pads to assist some families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Reshma Geawan, P&G Business Unit Head at AMCO said the company was more than happy to assist with the campaign distribution and pledged to continue to assist where necessary. She said: “We know that this has been a difficult year for everyone which is why we remain committed to providing period products to our girls and those in need. Period poverty is not a new phenomenon and we promise to play our part in helping to circumvent period poverty.”