Judah Taitt (left), Anjali De Gannes (right). Photos courtesy TTPS.

The two suspects charged with kidnapping for ransom after nabbing a Venezuelan child have been denied bail. Nineteen-year-oldAnjaliDeGannesand 58-year-oldJudahTaittappeared virtually before Chaguanas Magistrate Rajendra Rambachan onWednesday. Police prosecutor PC Jaggernauth objected to bail and the accused were both remanded in custodyOctober21. Meanwhile, warrants wereissued for 24-year-old JdanTaitt, the third suspect charged in the matter. The warrants will be executed at the Golden Grove State Prison. De Gannes was unrepresented in the matterwhile Judah Taitt was represented byNera Narine. On September 16, 9-month-old Sofia Rivas was allegedly kidnapped by a woman. She was reportedlyfound by police in a Curepe apartment hours later.

A home invasion in Rio Claro has left a businessman and his wife nursing injuries. Loop News was told the incident took place around 3am this morning at a home along Tabaquite Road. Police were told the businessman was asleep at his homewith his wife and daughters, when four men forced their way inside. The men were armed, police were told. They then tied up the family and assaulted them as they demanded cash. However, the family indicated they did not keep money or jewellery at home, and as a result, the adults were assaulted. The suspects were able to seize three registered weapons that the businessman kept, along with a quantity of cash, electronics, and even alcohol. The scene was visited by a team of officers led by ASP Jankie and Sgt Richardson. More on this as it becomes available.

The Ministry of Health says the number of recorded COVID-19 cases is slowly declining. Speaking at today’s Health Ministry briefing, epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds said the pattern being seen over the past few months has been maintained and there is a slow decrease in numbers of new cases. ‘The pattern we have been seeing over the past couple of months has been maintained; we are now looking at a fairly consistent pattern of slow decrease in numbers of new cases turning up to be swabbed and testing positive.’ Showing the data accumulated and analysed thus far, Dr Hinds said it was projected that there would be a rapid increase in cases due to the behaviour of the public. He also responded to questions on the initial surge demonstrated in the graph (in purple) which was some weeks after the August 10 general election. Dr Hinds did not explicitly address general election campaigning but said that any events which encouraged gathering would provide an opportunity for the virus to spread: ‘I think its inaccurate to say we’re ignoring the first part of this graph. We have alluded to the steady upward incline and we have spoken on many occasions on movements and gatherings which exceeded and did not comply with the recommendations for reduced numbers. ‘All of those behaviours would contribute to the onward propagation and transmission of the virus which is demonstrated in the graph, the part described as having an upward trend.’ ‘Whatever the source or cause of the movement in gatherings, the issue is once people move and people gather, then we’ll have opportunities for transmission. We projected that we would see a rapid increase in the numbers because of the behaviours prior to that. So saying that we have not spoken or addressed that part of the graph I don’t believe to be accurate.’ The Ministry announced two additional COVID-19 related deaths this morning; an elderly man and woman who both had co-morbidities (other health issues). As of this morning20 additional people tested positive for the virus, bringing the total number of active cases to 2,019. Anyone who has developed symptoms of COVID-19, should call the hotline 877-WELL or 800-WELL (9355) for further guidance. Anyone who is severely ill, should call the 811 (emergency hotline) or call ahead to the Accident and Emergency Department of the nearest hospital for help and go in immediately.

Police said ballistic testing has been ordered to determine if a semi-automatic handgun, which was found hidden in a toolshed in Diego Martin, has been recently used in any criminal activities. The weapon was a Pietro Beretta Pistol, and was loaded with six rounds of 9mm ammunition. Police said the firearm was found under a work-bench, hidden among two cement bags, by officers of the Western Division on Sunday.The officers, under the supervision of Snr Sup Thompson, had received intelligence of gun-related activities along Hillaire Street, Diego Martin. The officers made their way to the area around 8pm that nightand were given information to search a toolshed in the community, just off the roadway, where the weapon was found and seized. Police said no one was held in connection with the findas there were no persons within sufficient proximity at the time.However, police were given further intelligence which should lead to arrests in the immediate future. This operation was coordinated by Insp Bruno, Sgt Carmona, and Cpl Young, and included members of the Western Division Operations Unit PC Lewis, PC Phagoo, PC Myers, and PC Piper. More on this as it becomes available.