Monday 28 September, 2020

Abdulah stays on as MSJ leader

File photo: Political Leader of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ), David Abdulah

File photo: Political Leader of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ), David Abdulah

David Abdulah will continue as the political leader of the Movement of Social Justice (MSJ).

In a statement on Friday, the party said at the Executive meeting on August 13, Abdulah offered his resignation.

However, the MSJ said his resignation was unanimously rejected by the party’s Executive.

It indicated that the Executive further decided that the Activist Council of the party at its meeting on the August 16 should consider Abdulah’s offer of resignation and the Executive’s position.

The MSJ said the Activist Council also agreed unanimously that it would not accept the resignation and expressed its full confidence in Abdulah’s leadership.

The party also provided a number of reasons for this decision.

The MSJ said Abdulah remains a highly respected person in Trinidad and Tobago and in the Caribbean and further afield.

It said: "His consistent stand for social justice; his unwavering commitment to defend the interests of working people, the “poor and powerless”; his fearlessness in speaking truth to power; and the articulation of progressive ideas, policies and a vision for Trinidad and Tobago require him to continue his contribution to leading and building the MSJ."

Meanwhile, the party said it remains very relevant to Trinidad and Tobago, in spite of the small number of votes cast for its candidates.

It said: "We remain committed to building an alternative to the traditional parties which, as we all saw from their election campaigns over the past weeks, were financed by tens of millions made available to them by political investors. These financiers, many of whom support both parties, then seek to receive a “return” on their investment through contracts that the incoming government would award. It is they, together with a few who get various state appointments and positions, who have the most to benefit from this two-party system of ethnic voting. The ordinary supporter gets little or nothing and the economic system remains the same."

The Activist Council also agreed that the MSJ would resume its Public Education Webinars, starting with a Pre-Budget Virtual Forum.

It was further decided that the Party’s Executive will hold a Strategic Planning Session and report back to the Activist Council at its September monthly meeting.

The MSJ said this will formalise the work of the party for the next twelve months, with a review being done in six months, given that we have to factor in ongoing developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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