Friday 4 December, 2020

Angostura places warnings, advisories on watermelon White Oak label

Angostura Limited has introduced new labels with advisories on its latest products. The upgraded labels on White Oak Watermelon Flavoured Rum inform consumers about the number of calories per drink and warning signs such as underage consumption, driving under the influence and drinking during pregnancy.

A statement from the company said this latest initiative puts Angostura ahead of many of its international counterparts with the introduction of the new labels which will now increase the information on its rum products to consumers.

The White Oak Watermelon Flavoured Rum was launched in August and it’s the latest addition to Angostura’s rum portfolio. The labels on White Oak Sorrel and Coconut Flavoured Rums also have warning signs and a responsibility statement. The advisory labels will be introduced to all new products and will be rolled out to existing products within the next year.

Angostura’s acting CEO Ian Forbes said: “This is really a natural progression for us because consumers need to better understand what they are purchasing and drinking. It has coincided well with the launch of several new and exciting products from us, such as our White Oak Watermelon Flavoured Rum. Despite a difficult year for the industry with the pandemic affecting sales, we will continue to work towards ensuring these new labels are on all of our brands.”

Forbes said while this is an expensive process, Angostura sees this latest move as the company’s duty. He added that Angostura has always led by example and said he hopes others will follow suit.

The West Indies Rum & Spirits Producers Association (WIRSPA) said the agreement with producers to improve their labels was made in mid-2019 with a commitment to implement within a 24-month period to allow time to adjust packaging and to design and phase in new labels.

CEO of WIRSPA, Vaughn Renwick said: “This is a ground-breaking commitment by rum brands, like Angostura, as it takes time to design new labels and to phase out old stock and sometimes even bottles have to be changed. It’s an expensive process. We are pleased to see that Angostura has been able to implement the changes on some brands already, especially bearing in mind the tremendous financial and logistical challenges posed by the COVID pandemic.”


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