Wednesday 2 December, 2020

ANSA McAl responds to ‘security incident’: Business is operational

Caribbean conglomerate, ANSA McAl is assuring that all their businesses are in working order following a security incident earlier this week. 

In a statement, the business giant confirmed that some of their businesses in Barbados, TATIL and TATIL Life in Trinidad were affected. 

They promised that everything was rectified not long after they became aware. 

“Since then, our local IT teams, with the support of international resources have taken prudent and measured steps to ensure the integrity of our systems. 

“Although there has been some moderate disruption in service, customers continue to be served at TATIL’s Head Office and all branch locations,” they wrote. 

Apologising for the incident, ANSA said that everything is expected to return to full normalcy in the coming days. 

Earlier today, a number of reports claiming that the company’s online security had been severely compromised. Although not much detail was given, experts warned that the damage could be great if it wasn’t rectified soon. 

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