Thursday 29 October, 2020

Barbados Minister calls on CXC to 'swiftly' investigate 2020 results

Barbados Education Minister Santia Bradshaw at the CXC Headquarters on September 22.

Barbados Education Minister Santia Bradshaw at the CXC Headquarters on September 22.

Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw is refusing to turn a blind eye or deaf ear to the outcry of teachers, parents and most importantly students over their July 2020 CSEC and CAPE results.


Video caption: Minister Santia Bradshaw calls urgent press conference to address candidates' CXC concerns on September 24.

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Two days after the official release of the results by the examining body the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC), and one day after CXC responded to students' criticisms and petitions saying that they can query grades for free or pay USD $30 for reviews as is the custom, Bradshaw is saying that is not enough.

In a press statement issued moments ago around 1:15 pm, the Minister called on CXC to conduct an “urgent investigation” into concerns over the recently released CAPE and CSEC examination

She said:

“The disquiet among students who recently received the Caribbean Examinations Council’s CAPE and CSEC examinations is definitely cause for concern. I am of the view that an urgent investigation must be carried out by CXC into this matter to preserve the integrity of the examinations.

“I know that the Council has already responded to indicate the procedure to initiate the review process by Friday, October 23. And while there must be respect for process, I do feel however that given the unprecedented number of students who have raised concerns, particularly those online, I would strongly urge CXC to move swiftly to investigate and also to consider the waiver of fees associated with the review.

“Indeed these are not normal times and as a cloud of uncertainty looms over the heads of several of our students who are preparing to go off to university, it is incumbent on CXC to urgently resolve this matter so that they can get on with their lives,” she stated.

During the official release of the results before they were disseminated at 5pm and 8pm (September 22) to candidates and the regional Ministries of Education, Bradshaw had praised CXC for being able to administer the testing and deliver results when other larger countries had to defer and cancel exams. She praised CXC for all its consultations and on its modified approach in the face of COVID-19 and Tropical Storm Gonzalo. She said that indeed 2020 is a historic year for CXC, the region and education.

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