Thursday 24 September, 2020

Bishop Anstey East investigating allegations against ‘racist’ teacher

Bishop Anstey High School East. (via Facebook)

Bishop Anstey High School East. (via Facebook)

Bishop Anstey High School and Trinity College East (BATCE) has launched an investigation into posts made by a teacher which have been deemed by many social media users to be racist. 

Following the United National Congress’ (UNC) loss to the People’s National Movement (PNM) in yesterday’s General Election, many took to social media to express their views, however this teacher’s statements caused many eyebrows to raise. 

In one post, he said: “They actually celebrating that the PNM won? Oh right! Half of them only eat bread and KFC so the price of groceries wouldn’t matter to them.” 

In another he allegedly questioned the education level of voters: “This is what happens when you give the uneducated masses the right to vote... they make a mess of things.” 

BATCE said they’ve taken note of the allegations and added that they “must be in keeping with their existing policies and procedures.” 

The school says they pride themselves on being an all-inclusive institution and added that they are cognizant of the right to freedom of expression while underscoring that that freedom still comes with responsibilities. 

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