Sunday 29 November, 2020

Bridges to the Heart: Bridging the gap between T&Ts elders and youth

COVID-19 has upended life for everyone with the elderly significantly impacted, particularly those who live in group homes.

As such, a group of young people have taken extraordinary steps to fill the void caused by the pandemic. 

Bridges To The Heart was founded in 2013 with the express purpose of bridging the intergenerational gap between Trinidad and Tobago‚Äôs elderly and youth. 


With most of their outreach plans for this year derailed because of COVID-19, they had to find a way to meet their charges' need for social interaction. 

Founder of the NGO Sasha Bernard conceptualised the Grand Pal initiative, which asks members of the public to adopt an elder identified on their social media pages, who they can send cards to. 

She told Loop News, the outpouring of love and support for what started as a simple idea, has surpassed her wildest expectations.

In this Loop News special report, Sasha tells us about the NGO's passion and purpose.

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