Saturday 5 December, 2020

CMO requests report on Ian Alleyne’s discharge

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram has requested a report from Thoracic Medical Director of the Caura Hospital Dr Michelle Trotman on why talk show host Ian Alleyne was issued a discharge form on Tuesday.

According to a letter from the Attorney General's Office, Alleyne tested positive for COVID -19 on two occasions (March 24, April 8) before testing negative on April 12.

The Crimewatch host was retested for the virus on Monday and that test returned a positive result on Tuesday.

Responding to questions as to why Alleyne received a discharge form, the CMO said he has asked for a report on the matter.

"I have already reached out to the medical Director of Caura. So Caura will actually be producing a report for me hopefully by the end of today or tomorrow together with my Trinidad Public Health Lab. And as Dr Indar (Assistant Director Surveillance Disease Prevention & Control at CARPHA) would have said they only receive tests from our Trinidad Public Health Lab.

So it actually goes from our institutions to the Trinidad Public Health Lab, who receives it and helps prepare the tests and that basically goes to CARPHA thereafter. CARPHA will run the tests, they will send the results through Trinidad Public Health Lab backwards and that is then filtered to all the institutions in the country via their lab managers. So that is the process for disseminating results. I've asked for a detailed report stating what happened in this particular case-where the report would have gone, who would have seen the report, that sort of thing," the CMO said.

In order for a person to be discharged, they must receive two negative test results.

The second test is to be done 24 hours after the first one.

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