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    Election 2020 Results

Wednesday 12 August, 2020

EBC: 1.1 million eligible to vote in 2020

More than one million people are eligible to vote in this year’s General Election; 1,134,136 to be exact. 

The Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) detailed the number of electors by district, constituency and polling division for the August 10 polls.  

With 19 parties set to compete, 1.1 million people will decide whether to choose one of the many options. With media polls already exposing apathy within the electorate, those eligible could also decide not to vote at all. 

Most of the political parties have zoned in on marginal constituencies to sway the votership. 

Barataria/San Juan offers 25,690 voters for a longstanding toss-up between the People’s National Movement (PNM) and the United National Congress (UNC). Eyes will be trained on this consitutency as the communities will have a new representative regardless of whether the UNC retains the seat. Newcomers Saddam Hosein (UNC) and Jason Williams (PNM) hope to replace outgoing parliamentarian, Dr Fuad Khan. Less than 600 votes separated the parties in 2015. 

La Horquetta/Talparo has a similar situation; the PNM’s Maxie Cuffie has bowed out and will be replaced either by his party mate Foster Cummings or the UNC’s Jearlean John. The parties will court 27,527 voters. 

Crossing the floor, Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters who formerly represented Mayaro for the UNC, has now replaced the PNM’s Moruga/Tableland representative Lovell Francis. He will compete against the UNC’s Michelle Benjamin for 29,043 votes. 

Lopinot/Bon Air West has danced between parties over the last few elections, but this year, there’s an interesting addition to the mix. Former member of the UNC and now lone candidate representing the Independent Labour Party (ILP), Jack Warner has thrown his hat in the ring. A formidable character against both the PNM and the UNC, Warner will seek to woo 27,864 voters.  

Current Agriculture Minister, Clarence Rambharat is going up against current Mayor for Chaguanas, Vandana Mohit for the constituency of Chaguanas East. The UNC won by a very slight margin in 2015, edging out the PNM by less than 1,500 votes. That means every vote out of a possible 26,923 will count. 

Pointe-a-Pierre is locked in a four-way battle this year. The PNM’s Daniel Dookie, UNC’s David Lee, Movement for Social Justice’s (MSJ) David Abdulah and Marvyn Howard of the People’s Empowerment Party all hope to get the greatest share of the 25,096-voter pie. 

Tobago West is believed to be a safe victory for the PNM’s Shamfa Cudjoe, but with his showing at the 2017 Tobago House of Assembly election, Watson Duke has proved to be formidable as an opponent for Tobago East’s Ayanna Webster Roy. Duke stands as Political Leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) and will be challenging Webster Roy for 23,103 votes. 

Overall voter turnout has been relatively low for the last few elections, but candidates have been heavily campaigning to sway the undecided vote in their various favours. 

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