Tuesday 2 June, 2020

Electronic monitoring to prevent domestic violence coming

The Domestic Violence Act was last amended in 2006, but Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi says more changes are coming soon to protect victims. To strengthen it, changes to another important piece of legislation is also coming on stream. 

One of the notable changes is the use of electronic monitoring software.  

“I’m pleased to tell you today that the Cabinet approved the laying of the Electronic Monitoring Act ant the regulations and contained in that is a very important feature for the use of corresponding bracelets. If you are a victim of domestic violence and you have a protection order issued, the person against whom the order is issued will have a bracelet and you, the victim, will have a corresponding unit. Proximity alert goes off, so you’ll know if the person is within proximity, but more particularly, the electronic monitoring unit and the police, they will get the alert as well,” he explained. 

He says the amendments to the Domestic Violence Act will be brought to Parliament once he gets public feedback on the changes he intends to make. 

He expects them to be brought to Parliament in a few weeks. 

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