Friday 3 April, 2020

Erphaan Alves, Steven Taylor aim to show solidarity in global video

Filmmaker Steven M. Taylor and Erphaan Alves are creating a global video showing people doing regular activities while isolating in a bid to curb COVID-19.

Filmmaker Steven M. Taylor and Erphaan Alves are creating a global video showing people doing regular activities while isolating in a bid to curb COVID-19.

As people around the world isolate themselves and practice social distancing to help curb the spread of COVID-19, two Trinidadian creatives are joining forces to create a video that will connect people across the globe.

The video will be for Erphaan Alves’ new single ‘Hold On’ and will be directed by filmmaker Steven M. Taylor who worked with him for the ‘Soca Global’ video.

“The newscasts only showing people dying, the number of patients. They not showing us at home playing Scrabble, cooking, it’s not all doom and gloom,” Taylor tells Loop.

“It would be seen as irresponsible if we came out to do a video and it just hit me we could involve the people of the world and create a global music video and show solidarity and the willingness to interact and show love for one another.”

The idea, the duo explains, is to get people from all over the world to submit a video of themselves conducting their normal activities while at home.

The concept for the video blends well with the song which Alves recorded about two years ago. Lunatix Productions produced the track.

“Three days ago Lunatix said now is the time for this one. As I press play the first line of the verse says ‘I don’t believe in hurting, I just want to heal, distance causes stressing, please connect to me’. The song is about bringing people together.  I see people expressing how they feel, how they coping, you see people connecting online, that is what the song speaks to,” says Alves.

“This is just me as an artist merging with another artist and expressing ourselves in a creative manner and timestamping something happening globally. It will also be a source of long term inspiration.”

Already, fans of the duo are supporting the video concept.

“Last night I put out a sample post and I got a lot of interests, and then I sent to Erphaan and we got messages from corporate T&T, brands, people wanting to get their families involved. We want to put out a music video that not only encourages us to be interactive in solitude but creates a memory, a documentation, something people can look at when they are down,” says Taylor.

He says they have already received 50 submissions, half of their goal which they may now have to adjust.

“This is not a dance or singing contest. It is to show somebody feeding their baby, someone on the frontline, helping a patient and taking a break, an elderly couple on their porch enjoying each other’s company. Erphaan would start the video but we are looking for the most natural, unperformative, unfiltered approach,” he says, explaining the vision of the video.

There is no set date for the release of the video but Alves assures it will debut soon.

The release of the soca track is in keeping with Alves ‘No Seasons’ campaign which urges artistes to release music outside of the Carnival season.

To submit your video, DM Taylor on Instagram.

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