Thursday 3 December, 2020

GML ordered to remove, cease publications on CEPEP CEO, Corp Secretary

A High Court Judge has granted an interim injunction against Guardian Media Limited (GML), Senior Business Editor Curtis Williams and Editor-in-Chief Rosemarie Sant.

Approved on Saturday, the injunction prohibits the GML group from publishing personal information or defamatory articles of the CEO of the Community-based Environmental Protection and Enhancement Programme (CEPEP) Keith Eddy and its Corporate Secretary Nicole Gopaulsingh.

Furthermore, the order compels GML to remove the private information and “defaming” articles referencing the two from all its online and social media platforms.

Eddy and Gopaulsingh sued the media house following a series of articles which claimed the two received hefty payouts around the election period. The first was published on September 6. The Sunday Guardian's front page was headlined "CEPEP $$ Scandal" with the article "Money flowing at CEPEP". A subsequent report was published on September 8 entitled "CEPEP probes $0.22 million payout to execs". 

The executive officers have sued for an unlawful and lawful means conspiracy allegedly committed by the media house, its reporter and Chief editor in combination with agents operating within the CEPEP Company. They want substantial damages for defamation of their character and breach of their privacy.

This, as they purport that the internal financial documents were as a result of an accounting error. 

Eddy and Gopaulsingh are represented by Messrs Hove and Associates, Farai Hove Masaisai Junior Counsel and Elton Prescott Senior Counsel.

They filed the emergency injunction on September 11.



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