Friday 27 November, 2020

How and why to inform the EBC you’ve changed your address

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Photo via iStock.

So what do you do if you’re registered to vote but you’ve changed your address?

According to the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC), if an elector has changed their address it’s important to notify the EBC in order to have an accurate representation.

The EBC said failure to notify them of the change of address can result in inaccurate information being published on its list of qualified electors.

1. Living abroad

If the elector has moved away, the EBC says registrants should visit the Registration Area Office in their district as in accordance with Registration Rules 41 (11)3 of the Representation of the People Act, Chapter 2: 01 Laws of Trinidad and Tobago – “Not resident in Trinidad and Tobago for the required period” - and inform the Registration Officer, who would then verify the information and take the necessary follow-up action.

The registrants are also required to bring along their passports to substantiate their claims.


2. Local change of address

If the elector still lives in Trinidad and Tobago but has moved to another constituency, the EBC advises as follows:

‘In accordance with Section 43 and 44 of the Representation of the People Act, under the Registration Rules, registered persons who change their residential address either within a Registration Area or from one Registration Area to another are required to notify the appropriate Registration Officer accordingly.

The EBC says: ‘It is critical that registrants discharge this responsibility, since, apart from assisting the Commission in its ongoing efforts to maintain an accurate register of electors, it also ensures that electors are placed in the correct polling division/electoral district.


3. Change of address must be made before the qualifying date

The EBC says the change of address to a new constituency must be done at least two months before the Qualifying Date of a General Election.

Voting eligibility is stated as follows: 'A citizen of Trinidad and Tobago who is 18 years of age or older and has resided in an electoral district/constituency for at least two months prior to the Qualifying Date.'

Qualifying date means the ninth day after the date fixed as the date of commencement of an electoral registration by Proclamation issued under section 30.


4. No need for a new ID card

The EBC said however that changing one’s address does not necessitate the issue of a new Identification (ID) Card.

For more information see the EBC’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section here:

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