Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Jack still at hospital, wouldn't wish COVID-19 on 'worst enemy'

Photo: Jack Warner. Credit: Nneka Parsanlal.

Photo: Jack Warner. Credit: Nneka Parsanlal.

Former Independent Liberal Party (ILP) leader Jack Warner is still recovering from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Warner, who confirmed his COVID-19 status on September 3, remains at the Couva Hospital where he’s doing “much better”. 

In an update on his recovery, he took the time to express his gratitude for the prayers and words of encouragement he’s received from the public. 

He said: “The outpouring of love and concern by people from all walks of life really caught me by surprise and for that I wish to say a special thanks for the caring of which I am still the recipient.

Regardless what people wish to say about us, we are still a loving people, a people with a deep sense of affinity for each other and it dawned upon me that in spite of the many who attempt to divide us, caring for each other is embedded deep within our psyche and for that I will always be perpetually grateful.”

He said he’s humbled by the show of appreciation and compassion shown to him.

“One friend text me to say “any energy you needlessly expend is directing that energy away from your healing” so I spend my days praying, seeking God’s forgiveness to those I may have wronged and living with the hope that very soon this COVID-19 will pass not only for me but for the many who continue to suffer locally and abroad.”

He said medical staff is doing the best they can and it’s all he can ask.

Warner also had some words of caution to citizens as the country continues to grapple with rising cases daily. 

He urged citizens to follow established health protocols and not to put themselves in harm’s way “because this is not the journey I would wish upon my worst enemy”.

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