Saturday 24 October, 2020

List of psychologists, counselling services in T&T

Not all health issues are visible. We do so much to get our bodies right with diet and exercise but we often forget the engine that runs it all, our brains. 

To anyone is currently suffering from anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness, abandonment or any feelings of hopelessness, we hope you find a solution below with this list of qualified, local psychologists.

These professionals are trained to assist with a wide range of mental health issues from anxiety to addiction.

Here are some qualified psychologists in Trinidad and Tobago, their specialisations and how you contact them.

Also included is a short list of free services for those who are unable to afford consistent therapy.

1. Anna McCartney MSc, Counselling Pyschologist. Anna deals with a wide range of topics including anxiety, depression and trauma. Location: Hunter Street, Woodbrook. Contact number: 352-6625.

2. Dr. Krystal Jane Versammy covers depression, anxiety, panic disorders, interpersonal relationship difficulties, personality disorders, child sexual abuse and much more. Location: petit Bourg. Contact number: 352-4233.

3. Nicholas Voisin, MSc – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Original Pain Therapy (OPT), mindfulness, depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse. Contact number: 780-0703.

4. Reahana Mohammed, M.Sc . Clinical Psychology. Deals with anger management; stress management; CBT; Addiction Therapy. Location: Cross Crossing Medical Centre in San Fernando. Contact number: 722-2595

5. Vicky De Freitas - Co-dependency, addictions, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, relationships, trauma, bipolar disorder, obsessive, compulsive disorders, grief. Location: 20 Damian Street, Woodbrook. Contact number: 366-0843 (mobile) or 222-4041.

6. Douglas and Associates - psychological and counselling services. Located in St Augustine. Contact number: 662-0155 website:

7. Analisa Wittet, Neuropsychologist. Disorders (ADHD), all Neurological Conditions, Brain Injury, Emotional Problems (depression, anxiety). Office Address: Bergerac Road, Maraval. Contact number: 776-1494

8. Dr Karen Moore, PHD, Clinical Child Psychologist. Custody and access evaluations for Court, parent education, trauma work, esp. child sexual abuse. Office Address: #14 Hilltop Drive, Champs Fleurs. Contact number: 662-2082

9. Lydia Mouget, Clinical Psychologist. Psycho-educational evaluations, play therapy, CBT, parenting including co-parenting. Office Address: Charlieville Chaguanas; Union Hall Gardens, La Romaine. Contact number: 799-0225

10. Kenrica Baptiste, Occupational Therapist. Tobago. Contact number: 730-0383

11. Isolde Ali-Ghent, Psychologist. Location: 46 Brunton Road, Apt. Front, St.James. Contact number: 628-4956 / 620-8032

For persons who cannot afford bi-monthly therapy, understand you are entitled to help by the state and sub-organisations designed to protect your mental health. Check out

The Ministry of Health has also set up a mental health programme for low-income households who need access to help, counselling and medication -

Also, check out:

1. Community Mental Health and Wellness Centre (San Juan) - 638-8562

2. Chaguanas Mental Health Centre - 665-8393

3. Child Guidance Clinic (Port of Spain) - 623-2348

4. Elder Associates. Picton Street, POS. 622-6594 (24hr hotline)

Here’s also the Ministry of Health’s Mental Health Services Directory -

It’s #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and we just wanted to say - even if people don't know it or don't see it, remember you are amazing and strong and you will get through this.

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