Tuesday 14 July, 2020

The 'new normal' of spas: A master aesthetician shares her perspective

Dana Tuitt, master aesthetician and owner of Sinnamon Skin Klinik and Rejuvenation Centre

Dana Tuitt, master aesthetician and owner of Sinnamon Skin Klinik and Rejuvenation Centre

As Trinidad and Tobago's economy slowly reopens one of the more highly anticipated reopenings is that of beauty-related businesses. 

On Monday 8 June, the doors of spas, salons and barbershops will reopen to clientele, ending just over two months of no access to their services. 

The government implemented these restrictions to encourage members of the public to remain at home and curb the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). 

As we head back out to our beloved spas next week though, the experience is going to be a different one. 

Loop News spoke with Dana Tuitt, master aesthetician and owner of Sinnamon Skin Klinik and Rejuvenation Centre on how she has been preparing her business, her clients, and her staff for reopening on Monday. 

Tuitt also spoke about how she has been keeping connected with her clients during the closure - transitioning to online consultations to help customers with their at-home care.  


Asked what clients should look out for as spas reopen, Tuitt said people should expect a much stricter approach to appointments from providers.  

She said: “I believe a lot of service providers will adhere to this even more stringently now because 15 minutes will be a game-changer in terms of offering a proper service as well as preparing for your next customer.” 

This means hopeful customers will have to plan their spa visits in advance as walk-ins may no longer be allowed.  

Tuitt said clients should also feel empowered to ask their providers what changes they have made to their sanitisation protocols.  

“You’re allowed to ask to see what sanitisation units they’re using, you can ask them to explain the procedures, you can ask them to change gloves before starting your service, you can ask them how often they change their linens, how often they’re cleaning their contact areas and you can even ask that you have your service done alone at that time in the room. So, your room should not be shared in terms of respecting social distancing.” 

All these factors will make up the new normal of the spa industry, an industry where professionals and customers alike will have to exercise care, discipline, and vigilance to ensure public health guidance is being adhered to.  

Anyone interested in learning more about Sinnamon Skin Klinik and Rejuvenation Centre can visit their website or their Instagram page for more information.  

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