Tuesday 26 May, 2020

Online petition launched to increase Cocorite speed limit to 65 km/hr

Photo courtesy traffictt.com

Photo courtesy traffictt.com

An online petition has been raised to increase the speed limit along the Western Main Road near Cocorite to 65 kilometres per hour.

The petition was launched on change.org by user Stanley Tempro and said that the current limit would exacerbate traffic along this particular stretch of road.

“The present speed limit in Cocorite is 50 kph; NOBODY has driven at that speed in that area for YEARS unless traffic is backed up.... SO now they have installed speed cameras and will enforce that speed limit with an outrageous fine of TT$1000.00 and there will be many found “GUILTY” but at the same time innocent since it is normal to easily pass there at between 60 and 70 kph - so why not adjust the limit to 65 kph?”

The petition asked to increase the speed limit for the Western Main Road between St James and Goodwood Park to 65 kilometres per hour in both directions in order to allow citizens to go about their business.

“This new speed limit of 65 kph in Cocorite will allow law-abiding citizens to go about their lawful business without being condemned for breaking a ridiculous speed limit designated by unscrupulous traffic officials.”

“Lastly but maybe most relevant is that if cars passing on the Cocorite stretch are “forced” to slow to 50 kph on a morning, can you imagine the effect it will have on backing up eastbound traffic at peak hour coming out of Diego Martin and Carenage?”

To date, over 2,000 people have signed the petition, which can be found online here: https://bit.ly/2ZtB7mA

According to the Ministry of Works and Transport, speed limits for private motor vehicles, with seating for less than 10 passengers, outside of a built-up area is 100 kilometres per hour, and 50 kilometres per hour within a built-up area.

Following an amendment in 2017, the speed limit for certain highways and roadways were increased as follows:

80-kilometre speed limit for private motor vehicles (except tractors):

The Audrey Jeffers Freeway

From Ana Street to 3.60 kilometre mark at Western Main Road

Diego Martin Highway

From the 0.00 kilometre mark at Western Main Road to 4.63 kilometre mark at Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard

Valencia Stretch

That part of the Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande from 37.0 kilometre mark to 43.0 kilometre mark, commonly referred to as “the Valencia Stretch”


Rienzi-Kirton Highway

From Rushworth Street to Cipero Road

South Trunk Road Extension

From the 0.55 kilometre mark at start of grass median southwest of Oropouche Roundabout to 3.70 kilometre mark at end of grass median near Mon Desir - Delhi Road



Claude Noel Highway

From Shirvan Junction to Bacolet Street, Tobago

Shirvan Road

From Claude Noel Highway to Grafton Road, Tobago


Buccoo Bay Road from Shirvan Junction to Montgomery Road, Tobago


100-kilometre limit for private motor vehicles (except tractors)

a) Beetham Highway from 1.53 kilometre mark at Market Overpass (east) in the vicinity of the Central Market/ NP to 4.81 kilometre mark at Barataria Overpass.

b) Churchill Roosevelt Highway from 4.81 kilometre mark at Barataria Overpass to 34.8 kilometre mark at Antigua Road, Cumuto.

c) Uriah Butler Highway from 2.75 kilometre mark at Bamboo Village Overpass to 15.65 kilometre mark at Chaguanas Overpass.

d) Solomon Hochoy Highway from 15.65 kilometre mark at Chaguanas Main Road to 45.35 kilometre mark at Golconda Exit.

e) Solomon Hochoy Highway from 45.35 kilometre mark at Golconda Exit to 49.64 kilometre mark at Debe Exit


According to the ‘Special Speed Limits (Amendment) (No. 3) Order, 2018’, speed limits for the following roadways were also amended:

Frederick Settlement Dual Carriageway from Caroni Roundabout to Washington Junction - 80 km/hr

Wrightson Road from St. Vincent to Ana Street, Port-of-Spain – 65 km/hr

Rivulet Road from Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway to Southern Main Road – 80 km/hr.

In a legal notice effective December 30, 2019, the speed limits around the Queen's Park Savannah and the Valencia Bypass Road were increased from 50 kilometres per hour to 65 kilometres per hour

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