Saturday 11 July, 2020

PM: Funerals will be allowed to have gatherings of 10

Gatherings in public spaces remain at five.

However, funerals will be allowed to have gatherings of 10.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley advocated for the number of people at funeral services to be increased.

At a media conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann's on Saturday, Dr Rowley was asked by a reporter if there is any consideration for expanding the number of people at funerals to 10.

"Five people in a funeral is hard," he responded.

He then posed the question to the health experts in room.

Thoracic Medical Director of the Caura Hospital Dr Michelle Trotman clarified that funeral homes were allowing five people in at a time.

"We feel just as you do. We personally also have losses. People are managing virtually, also difficult. Funerals are allowing people to come in at five at a time. So that number of five that is being purported is not actually the attendance at a funeral."

"If it is that the Chief Medical Officer is in agreement and you as Prime Minister has asked, I cannot say no," she added.

The Prime Minister said the adjustment would make the grieving process easier.

"If a group of 10 people can be allowed to gather at the same time for that purpose, it will bring a lot of emotional relief. So I would like to recommend we allow 10 people."

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