Friday 3 April, 2020

PM to Kamla: Leave T&T alone!

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has a direct message for Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar; leave Trinidad and Tobago’s people alone. 

During a media conference following his return to T&T from Ghana last evening, Dr Rowley says he’s been paying close attention to the things that have been said in his absence.  

“The Opposition Leader went on a platform and made the most scurrilous attacks on Minister Stuart Young and his family, accusing them of corruption, accusing the Cabinet of corruption, making all kinds of nancy stories,” he remarked. 

The Prime Minister recalled that Persad-Bissessar accused a bank based in Jamaica, which operates in T&T, of helping to ‘steal’ money for the benefit of the government. 

“This Opposition Leader has decided that because an employee of NCB in Jamaica, an employee, not an owner, is a brother to a member of the Cabinet, this irresponsible woman has decided to convert that into some aspect of corruption and come up with this fanciful story that Stuart Young and his brother and his father are enriching themselves by lending the government money,” he explained. 

PM Rowley says that in in actuality, Minister Young recused himself from every transaction the government made with the bank. 

Dr Rowley has accused the Opposition Leader of being inconsiderate of how her statements on the Monday Night Forum platform could impact our relationship with Jamaica. He detailed that one of his first assignments as Prime Minister was to travel to Jamaica to mend the fences she had broken. 

In 2015, Jamaica’s private sector had threatened to boycott the import of Trinidad and Tobago’s goods as they believed their citizens were being discriminated upon while here. 

Dr Rowley called Persad-Bissessar's comments, reckless and dangerous. “When I see the Opposition Leader going on a platform and once again threatening to disturb the equilibrium between the people of Jamaica and the people of Trinidad and Tobago, I want to call out the Opposition Leader and to ask her to leave Trinidad and Tobago people alone,” he said. 

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