Monday 30 November, 2020

PM Mottley and the CXC saga: The public weighs in

Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley

Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley

She's often hailed as the Prime Minister of the Caribbean and after the bold assertions she made on Sunday, is it any wonder why?

PM Mia Mottley shared her thoughts on the CXC debacle that has adversely affected thousands of students throughout the region.

During a political meeting on Sunday, she said her government will foot the bill for students who need their exams reviewed.

Had she not made the offer, parents would be required to pay $15 for each review.

"Bajans don’t beg and therefore tomorrow you will tell them that the Government of Barbados will pay for the review of all the children who need a review by CXC," she said.

Prime Minister Mottley said what's happening to Caribbean children is not right.

It's a sentiment that's shared by many who took to social media to express their disgust with the Caribbean Examinations Council and voice full support for the beloved Bajan Prime Minister.

One commenter in Trinidad and Tobago said: "This prime minister is a real classy leader! Always exercising excellent leadership qualities."

Another said: "Sincere leadership with compassion never fails. No matter the odds and the hardships the people will stand with you as opposed to a petty leader whose hallmark qualities are treachery and vindictiveness."

One commenter even suggested that the former CARICOM Chair host leadership seminars for all other regional leaders.

Commenters in Barbados seemed to have mixed reviews.

One individual said: "That's a vote catcher there. What do you expect in an election time? Do what you gotta do to get the votes or get the job done."

Another Barbadian commenter said: "No one should be paying CXC for their foul-up."

One commenter even surmised that the prime minister may have spoken out of turn. "Typical. Making a policy decision from a political platform. What about Cabinet meetings? Of course, she would not get the glory. BLP supporters in St George North should vote DLP to send a message that they are tired with her egotism. Such a vote would not impact the government (28:2), but would dent her ego."

Someone in Antigua posted: "All Caribbean governments should follow her example."

Yet another commenter took CXC to task for the botched exam results saying: "The problem we have in the Caribbean is the problem of accountability. It seems we don't exactly remember how to hold people accountable. So dem do us as dem like. And all we can do is take it."

In response to mounting pressure from parents are students who have been affected, CXC established an Independent Review Team to investigate the results.

CXC Registrar Dr Wayne Wesley announced a 50 per cent reduction in exam review fees.

This means parents are now required to pay US$15 per review.

Many have since said, however, that they should not be made to pay for mistakes made by the exam's governing body.

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