Friday 30 October, 2020

President of the Barbados Muslim Association accepts Rihanna's apology

Rihanna at the CLF Diamond Ball 2019. (FILE)

Rihanna at the CLF Diamond Ball 2019. (FILE)

The Barbados Muslim Association accepts Rihanna's apology and forgives her.

With many members of the Islam faith calling out Barbados' own Robyn 'Rihanna' Fenty for using a track during her latest Fenty X Savage lingerie show which contained a Hadith, a sacred scripture for Muslims, the Grammy-award-winning singer issued a hasty, public apology to her 87.6 million fans on Instagram.

Despite her apology though, some Muslims have been saying that the action was unforgiveable in their eyes. Some even went on to say that had Rihanna used text from the Gospel in the Bible, that people would better understand their outrage and not try to sweep it aside as Muslims being overly sensitive. Persons even highlighted the fact that a Muslim was used by Rihanna's brand Fenty Beauty and that she should try to be more knowledgeable if she truly is about inclusivity.

Speaking to Loop News in the wake of this incident and the subsequent backlash on social media, President of the Barbados Muslim Association Dr Abdul Mohammed said, "Religious text is considered sacred and its inappropriate use or abuse is desecration." However, he went on to say:

"In Islam the condition for forgiveness are:
1)Expressing remorse and regret over an action
2)Resolving not to repeat the mistake again."

Therefore, he insisted, "If Rihanna acknowledged that it was an error and apologised, especially stating that it was an inadvertent error, then I think the issue ends there." 

He said that this can be seen as a teachable moment. "I encourage others to read and learn about the simplicity of Islam and ease with which God forgives."

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