Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Prison Association calls for more protection for officers

Photo: Sherwin Francis.

Photo: Sherwin Francis.

More needs to be done to protect prison officers.

This was the view of the President of the Prison Officer’s Association Ceron Richards following the murder of 48-year-old prison officer Sherwin Francis.

Francis, who was attached to the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca, was fatally shot by three armed men on Friday evening at his home along Oasis Greens, Chaguanas.

Richards said that as a matter of priority the Association sent condolences to family, colleagues, and friends of Francis.

However, he appealed for the State to put a bit more focus on the service.

He said: “I want to be clear, I’m not saying that the Government hasn’t been helping us in recent times.  I’m simply stating that more can be done. Far more. And, it needs to be done now to prevent further loss of life.”

“The Prison Service has always been treated in a manner that it does not deserve, especially as it relates to the security of our officers. For years, we’ve been the main target of serious attacks, with many of our officers being killed, for simply doing their duty. For how much longer will it continue?” Richards questioned.

He noted that on a later date the Association would further elaborate on its suggestions and what more ought to be done.

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