Thursday 26 November, 2020

Robbery suspect dies after being shot by SRP

The man who was shot after he allegedly broke into the home of a Special Reserve Police (SRP) officer last Friday, has died.

The deceased has been identified as Michael Burnette, 31, of La Romaine.

He had been warded at the Intensive Care Unit of the San Fernando General Hospital since the incident, having sustained massive internal injuries. However, he succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday morning.

The body has been ordered to be taken to the Forensic Science Center in Federation Park, where the process for a postmortem, inclusive of testing the victim for COVID-19, is expected to begin today.

According to police reports, around 10.30 pm on Friday, the Special Reserve Police officer was at his home with his family in San Fernando, when four men, one armed with a firearm and another with a knife, entered his home via the living room and announced a hold-up.

The attackers then forced all four occupants of the home to lie on the floor, then proceeded to take call phones, jewellery and a laptop.

The suspects then took the officer to a bedroom and demanded he open a safe. However, he was unable to do so which angered the suspect, who then proceeded toward the officer's family in the living room.

Fearful for his family’s safety, the officer was able to retrieve his personal firearm from the bedroom and fired in the direction of the suspects.

The TTPS said one suspect was injured while the three others escaped on foot.

Officers from the Southern Division, CID Operations and Southern Division Task Force responded, and the injured man was taken to the hospital for treatment, where he was warded till he succumbed to his wounds on Tuesday.

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